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BLS – ACLS – PALS – NRP Certification courses for Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, and other medical professionals

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Perfect for Groups or Teams of Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, and other medical professionals that have specialized training needs.

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Increase critical thinking while improving competency and skills to accurately respond in a clinical environment.

Experience Simulation

Let us help you improve your outcomes for the NCLEX examination through our simulated test preparation experience.

Rent the Facility

Practice vital clinical procedures in a safe non-threatening learning environment utilizing state of the art equipment.

Bridgeway Medical Simulation Center enhances the clinical experience

Improve your ability to accurately respond in a clinical environment

Medical Treatment

Reducing the amount of adverse error in the clinical setting through relevant hands on training and practical application.

Emergency Help

Practicing vital medical procedures in a safe non-threatening learning environment. Increase clinician confidence and competency.

Medical professionals

Continuing education courses for nurse and nursing assistance. Enhancing cross discipline communication and team building skills.


Maintain regulatory certifications and compliance while improving patient safety and care delivery through simulation education.

Why Simulation

Bridgeway Medical Simulation

Medical simulation is critical for proper and complete training of any professional that will be dealing with emergency medical situations.
Simulations allows you to rehearse team effectiveness in Acute Care which can be pivotal in determining outcomes and saving lives.
Simulation allows medical specialist to learn new procedures in the most safe and beneficial clinical setting.
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Yes. Classes are held both on site and off site and can be customized to fit the your needs. Contact the office for more information.

The exact time of a the course may vary.  But the BLS Certification Course takes approximately 4 hours, and the re-certification course takes approximately 3 hours.

Yes. Our facility is available for specialized training, group courses, etc. Contact us at 916-706-2676 for a quote.

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